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The Way For Health Massage
- Jan 10, 2018 -

Commonly used gimmick 

1. Note: a finger or the palm of your hand on the skin or the acupuncture points with rhythm, the press 

2. Moab: finger or palm soft on the skin or the acupuncture points of friction

3. push with your fingers or palms upward or outward push forward skin muscle 

4. Take: with one hand or both hands hold the skin muscle or plate membrane, lift, then put down 

5. Knead: with your fingers or the palm on the skin or the meridians rotate activity 

6. Rub: with one hand or both hands rub the body 

7. Device: a finger press vigorously point 

8. Point: use single refers to hard click point 

9. Knocking: with palm or fist down body 

10. Roll: use hand little finger focusing on body surface near the operation area, through stretch curve and the rotation of the forearm wrist joints coordinated movement of scroll 

11. Pinch: the thumb and fingers in the art of symmetry extrusion parts do 

12. Brush: the big "yu ji" with the palm, hypothenar or palm root in the art on a straight line friction folding back and forth