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- Jun 19, 2017 -

Commonly known as motor, its main role is to produce driving torque, as the use of electrical appliances or a variety of mechanical power sources. The generator is represented by the letter G in the circuit. Its main role is to use mechanical energy to convert to electrical energy, but also to support the operation of the manipulator massage function of the important driving force.

There are several motors in the general massage Chair:

Shan kneading motor: drive manipulator kneading method;

Shan Knock Motor: drive the manipulator to beat the technique;

Shan Vibrating Motor: Causes the massage mechanism to produce the vibration effect;

Shan Walking motor: Drive the Manipulator guide to walk;

Shan Foot Bottom roller motor: drive foot bottom wheel operation;

Shan kneading disc Motor: drive kneading disk operation.