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Frontier Technology
- Jun 19, 2017 -

1, Thai-style tensile reinforcement technology: The application of Thai tensile reinforcement in massage chair is a good combination of traditional massage technology and technology, through stretching the legs, fixing the shoulder and pushing out the waist, realizing the arc stretching of the body, giving the most substantial stretching of the bones, so as to reach the goal of stretching the bones and collaterals and activating blood circulation.

2, Space Orbit Technology: Guide is the pillar of massage chair, space curved rail as the most new generation of rail technology, with SL guide rail and Double L guide rail two kinds, space track technology with super long massage stroke, to achieve coverage of human neck, shoulder, back, waist, buttocks and thigh massage, to avoid the traditional massage chair can only massage the limitations of the back.

3, 0 Gravity Space cabin technology: air bag distribution and quantity is one of the decisive factors of massage comfort, 0 gravity space cabin technology according to the ergonomic principles of the massage chair each interval of the massage bag scientific allocation, air bags all over the body, through the air bag to generate pressure pulse on the shoulder neck, waist, back, buttocks, legs and feet of the comfortable massage. Simultaneously simulates the space 0 gravity state, lets the double leg height above the torso height, between the torso and the legs into the 127 angle, causes the massage body's entire body the gravity evenly distributes, lets the bodily in a natural comfortable condition, releases the physical and mental pressure.

4, Foot wheel scraping technology: massage chair Foot and back of the wheel staggered, with 8 convex point pressure, massage range throughout the foot, with the airbag squeeze Massage, realizes the foot 360 all wraps the wheel to scrape the massage, avoids the metabolic waste and the toxin causes the peripheral circulation to deteriorate further to form the vicious circle, causes the foot blood flow velocity to increase, enhances the whole body blood circulation, accelerates the body metabolic waste through the kidney and so on organ eduction.