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What if the watch lid doesn't come in?
- Jun 19, 2017 -

Life is often met with some very embarrassing things, such as your vow to help people to change the watch battery, the results? Catch up with a how can not buckle the watch back cover, after a variety of thinking, decided to surf the internet, and finally determine the need to use "watch gland" to cover the back cover. Up? After many attempts, use the bottle cap + lever ... And so on, such a variety of tricks, even the use of "pliers" and other heavy weapons, ultimately fruitless. Think carefully, should let it (the back of the watch) evenly whether the force will be better, the result of instant problem solved. The method is as follows:

• Adjust the cover position, such as the gap in which direction, do not buckle the wrong position.

The • Turned the lid upside down and the table was facing up.

The • Balances the sides of the lid (keeping the same in all directions).

• Put the back cover on the hard table.

• A soft cloth on the front glass of the table and hold it down evenly with the palm of your hand (be careful not to hurt yourself).

• All right. Life is like this! Not only the determination, but also patience, but also careful, the problem can be solved.