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Selection of furniture materials
- Jun 19, 2017 -

1, processing technology: the processing of materials directly affect the production of furniture. For wood materials, in the process of processing, it is due to the impact of water on the shrinkage, the fission and porosity. The plastic material should take into account its ductility, thermoplastic deformation and so on. The glass material should consider its thermal brittleness, hardness and so on.

2, texture and appearance quality: the texture and texture of the material determines the appearance of the product of the special feeling of quality. Wood belongs to natural materials, texture natural, beautiful, vivid image, feel good, and easy to process, coloring, is the production of high-grade furniture materials. Plastics and their synthetic materials have the characteristics of simulating the texture of various natural materials, and have good coloring properties, but it is easy to aging, easy to heat deformation, the use of this production of furniture, its service life and the scope of use is limited.

3, Economy: The economy of furniture materials including the price of materials, material processing labor consumption, material utilization and the richness of material sources.

4, Strength: strength should consider its grip and the ability to resist splitting and modulus of elasticity.

5, Surface decoration Performance: Under normal circumstances, the surface decoration performance refers to its finishing, adhesive, carving, coloring, ironing, branding and other decorative feasibility.

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