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Good Chair standard
- Jun 19, 2017 -

A good office chair should meet some of the following criteria:

Must have adjustable height of the device and flexible 360 degrees of arbitrary rotation of basic functions.

The depth and width of the seat need to be correct, the front edge of the chair to maintain the arc sag, while the choice of breathable fiber cloth.

A back that supports the body and eliminates fatigue tension.

In line with the waist size curve design to prevent the waist spine arch, and to protect the function of lumbar spine.

The chair must be in line with the body movement, cannot limit the user, has only one sitting posture.

Use a large, high safety five-claw foot seat.

The chair must be free to move, preferably with a wheel chair, while the wheel chooses different material wheels depending on the soft and hard floor.

Chairs must not be hooked or hinder the work of the poor design, if the use of the chair with handrails, you need to choose the handrail surface feel good material.

All the adjustment devices should be simple and easy to operate.

Should be designed to be installed at any time such as handrails and other accessories.

Select suitable for the use of the Chair, at the same time with product assurance and perfect after-sales service.

With a beautiful appearance and appropriate color matching.

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