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Appearance form
- Jun 19, 2017 -

The appearance of furniture directly in front of the user, it is the function and structure of the intuitive performance. The appearance of the furniture is dependent on its structure, especially the external structure. But there is no corresponding relationship between appearance form and structure, and different appearance forms can be expressed by the same structure. There is a greater degree of freedom in the form of appearance, with considerable selectivity in the composition of the space, such as the basic structure of the dresser is the same, but the appearance of the form is different.

The appearance of furniture as a function of external performance, but also has a cognitive function, therefore, with information and symbolic meaning, but also to play its aesthetic function, resulting in a certain emotional atmosphere, to form a certain artistic effect, to the enjoyment of beauty.


The function of furniture products is divided into four aspects, namely technical function, economic function, function of use and esthetic function, with the development of economy, the best of furniture has the function of keeping and adding value, such as old teak in European furniture and old mahogany in Chinese furniture.

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