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A brief introduction to several ways to open the rear cover of a watch
- Jun 19, 2017 -

1, the use of special open Table tools, spiral waterproof watch. Its casing and back cover are threaded, depending on the role of the thread to make the upper shell and back cover tightly. The table glass is pressed into the tool and is more closely. A waterproof washer (mostly made of butyl cyanide rubber) is placed in the top handle and the back cover and the upper shell, so it can play a certain waterproof role.

2, universal open Meter can open various sizes of different watches, different patterns of the back cover. Each of its rolling buckles can be converted to angle, and can adjust the distance by adjusting the handle and adjusting the disk. Universal Open meter with a number of different types of rolling buckle, can be based on a variety of watches after the four convex pattern to be selected.

3. There are many kinds of opening and closing methods of the rear cover of the watch, but the back cover of the screw buckle and press pressure are the most followed by a few screws to tighten the rear cover, for pressing the back of the lid of this, as long as we through some basic tools can be opened, the reduction of the time as long as the pressure on it, this in the disassembly is the simplest.